Monday, 25 January 2010

GMTV Meltdown

Word on the street is GMTV and ITN will merge, Penny Smith and John Stapleton's asses will be out on the kerb - they earn £175k and £200k respectively.

Can anyone tell me what Penny 'Inane Grin' Smith actually BRINGS to the table?!? I reckon only a handful of pensioners in Shetland Isles actually remember her from back in the day when she was mediocre. She's only there still cos the managers at GMTV were scared of her threatening a tribunal and a splash in the tabloids if they dared mentioned the word 'pay cut' or 'sacking'.

Her ship has long sailed. She's already fixed herself her next gig - touting her butt on Alan Titchmarsh tonight, chatting about her book and being a Book &Poetry expert. She's about as much as an expert on Books as I am a Quantum Physist. Some newspaper's signed her up as Opera Correspondent. Purleeeeeeeeeease, do us a favour P and slide into oblivion you belong..

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