Monday, 1 March 2010


Every heard of Archangel Gabriel - well look him up. He brought me a chink of light today - I went for a casting for a job - I was the only local person who bothered to turn up to see the producers of a corporate video! I read a bit of script for them and 2 hours later they emailed to say I'd be perfect for the job and they want to hire me.

Ups and downs - had a few - 'oh we're weighing you up against 3 other people and we'll let you know' kind of calls but nothing firm. I'm chasing a £250 cheque that's overdue for payment too! While last week I went down to having a grand total of £2.30 in my bank account. No, REALLY! £2.50

And I got a parking ticket last week - I genuinely thought it was free to park :-(

Things seem to be looking up
Praise be to GOD.

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